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If tent camping is no longer comfortable,
If it takes time to settle down and gather in short-term escapes,
If you can’t reach the places you want in difficult road conditions with your caravan,
If you don’t want to convert your pick-up into a camper van and give up the ability to carry cargo,

If you are tired of the need for a second vehicle because you cannot use a caravan in the city,
If you do not want to change your pick-up vehicle and give up your caravan,
If the caravan is too costly for your annual vacation,
If you are looking for the comfort, safety, aesthetics and aerodynamics of your car in your caravan, take a look at STORK CAMPER.


We produce high quality modular living cabins that can be easily installed and removed by the user for pick-up vehicles, which are preferred by adventure-loving users with their ability to drive in urban as well as off-road conditions. Stork Camper is a mobile living cabin suitable for Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi L200, Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara, Mercedes X Class, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-max and Fiat Fullback body sizes.


While Pick-Up brands offer options in different colors, we care about the harmony of the cabin you will use with your vehicle and the user’s preference. We prepare the right color and graphic coating suggestions with our graphic designers. We produce solutions for the user’s lifestyle and intended use in internal functions.


With its monoblock glass wool-reinforced polyester body, Stork Camper offers the advantage of aesthetic and functional use with insulation, lightness, and aerodynamic structure.

We develop technical improvements such as wind effect and center of gravity through computer simulations.


Stork Camper designs customizable products with maximum comfort and minimum volume.

Openable heat insulated ceiling panel.

Waterproof washable awning resistant to outdoor weather conditions.

Thermally insulated monoblock GRP body. Optional window option.

It can be easily attached and removed by the user with jack connection points.