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New Generation Modular Living Space


New Generation Modular Living Space

Imagine leaving the chaos, hustle and bustle of the city behind and meeting with nature. Now there is a very practical and highly functional innovation that offers the comfort you need in that dream:

If you are ready, the migration to nature begins.

We all have different expectations from meeting nature, and so are our expectations from the equipment and caravans we use. That's why we took this situation when developing the Stork Camper and created a cabin that everyone can customize to their needs.

While doing this, we also paid attention to modularity, functional equipment and comfort. Above all, we made it a fully standalone product, thanks to its seamless attachment to any pick-up. Of course, we did not forget that it should be environmentally friendly and sustainable, and we tried to prioritize respect for nature.

Group 131
If tent camping feels uncomfortable anymore
Group 132
Takes time to settle in and pack up on short getaways
Group 130
If you cannot reach the places you want in difficult road conditions with your caravan
Group 125
If you don't want to turn your pick-up vehicle into a caravan and give up its load carrying capability.
Group 126
If you are tired of the need for a second vehicle because you cannot drive a caravan in the city.
Group 127
If you do not want to change your pickup vehicle or give up your vehicle while owning a caravan,
Group 128
If the caravan is costly for the time you spend on vacation
Group 129
If you are looking for the comfort, confidence, aesthetics and aerodynamics of your vehicle in your caravan.

    In addition to urban use, we produce high-quality modular living cabins that can be easily attached and removed by the user to the pick-up vehicles preferred by adventure-loving users with the ability to drive in off-road conditions.


    While Pick-Up brands offer options in different colors, we care about the harmony of the cabin you will use with your vehicle and the taste of the user. We prepare the right color and graphic coating suggestions with our graphic designers. We produce solutions for the user's lifestyle and purpose of use in indoor functions.


    Stork Camper, which has a monoblock glass wool reinforced polyester body, offers users the advantage of aesthetic and functional use with its insulation, lightness and aerodynamic structure. We develop technical developments such as wind effect and center of gravity by making simulations in computer environment.

Frame 294
DJI 0795 2
New generation modular living cabin