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Standard Features

Outer Shell

  • Monoblock reinforced polyester molded inner and outer shell (20 mm polyurethane insulation between shells)
  • Pop-up roof with isolation 20 mm
  • Special color option – Opaque
  • Storage space in the roof
  • Easy-to-clean upholstery and cushions
  • Roof tent with 3 windows and mosquito nets
  • Stainless hinges
  • Functional stainless jack connection points
  • Special production stainless tension locks
  • Vehicle-cabin connection mechanism
  • LED stop and position lamps
  • 7 or 13 pin plastic plug
  • Special production ladder


  • Monobloc reinforced polyester molded inner lining
  • Storages
  • Control panel unit
  • PVC floor covering


  • 6 buttons switch panel – auto fused
  • 100 Ah Agm gel battery
  • Led indoor lighting
  • Victron blue smart IP22 charger 12/30 battery charger
  • Defa 220 V miniplug inlet cable
  • 2 USB input
  • 12V cigarette lighter socket

Water System

  • 80 lt polyethylene water tank with buoy
  • Water level indicator
  • Dometic hydrophore 12V 7lt or Fiamma Aqua 8 hydrophore 7 lt 12V
  • Locked water inlet port ( Berhimi or Fiamma)
  • Chrome-look water outlet and external shower set

Portable Outdoor Kitchen Set

  • Outdoor kitchen set and connection apparatus
  • Tap
  • Plastic sink
  • Portable camping stove

Sitting and Sleeping Area

  • 4 person seating area (4 adults)
  • Removable 3 functions table with folding legs
  • 1.Bed : openable upper bed mechanism and mattress (200x140cm)
  • 2.Bed : the lower bed area (190×95) or (140×110)

Optional Features


    Cabin Lift Jack

    4 pieces of cabin lifting jacks AL-KO brand

    Caravan Side Window ( A maximum of 2 can be selected)

    Caravan Left Side Window

    Berhimi-caravan window (300x700mm)Berhimi-caravan window (300x500mm)

    Caravan Right Side Window

    Berhimi-caravan window (300x500mm)

    Caravan Roof Window

    40x40 Roof heki (manual)40x40 Roof window with fan and remote control
    Back door fly screen - Double layerWood floor covering

    (Standard Cabinet is Produced as Opaque)

    Special color option - MetallicSpecial color option - 4CR Titanium Shel
    Wi-Fi camera


    Indoor kitchen unit (Can FL1323 combined stove sink / Arona folding faucet )


    Indel B Cruise 65 ltBerhimi 85 ltDometic CRX 65 lt


    Dometic PW1100 250x300
    Folding outdoor shower curtain



    Victron AGM deep cycle battery 220 Ah (standard battery difference)

    Battery Monitoring

    Victron battery monitor BMV-712 smart


    Victron Phoneix 12/375 VE Direct Schuko inverterDometic Sinepower DSP 412

    Solar Panel Set

    240 W Tommatech solar panel - with Victron smartsolar MPPT 100/30240 W Tommatech solar panel - with Epever MPPT charging regulator XTRA30 3210N-XDS2


    Portable WC

    Dometic 972 9,8 lt. portable WCBerhimi Pro 9000 20 lt. portable WC


    Diesel Cabin Heater (with 4,5 lt fuel tank and bracket)

    Ebarspacher Airtronic D2L

    *Equipment information and materials used in this list may vary. Please get in touch with us for the latest information on the product.

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